What Is Titleist Dynamic Club Fitting?

​Paul is a Titleist Certified Advanced Fitter and uses the advanced fitting system to perform Dynamic Club Fitting. 

There are Dynamic and Static Club Fittings.

Dynamic Club Fitting is the process of getting custom fit for your clubs by hitting balls, preferably outside, so you and the fitter can see the ball flight. Static Club Fitting is when measurements are taken based on a persons height and the distance between your hands and the ground. 

The Cons of Static Fittings:

1) They do not take into account your posture at address

2) Your swing style

3) Your swing tempo

4) Your preference of ball flight and flight tendency in relationship to trajectory.

Club fittings are comprised of the proper combination of multiple variables in order for a player to maximize their ball flight and minimize their misses.

Driver Fittings Include 7 Variables:

1) Head Style 

2) Loft

3) Shaft Flex

4) Shaft Kick Point

5) Shaft Weight

6) Shaft Length

7) Grip Size

Note: The goal is to maximize distance and consistency focusing on launch angle and spin rate.

Iron Fittings Include 7 Variables:

1) Head Style

2) Shaft Flex

3) Shaft Kick Point

4) Shaft Weight

5) Shaft Length

6) Loft and Lie Angle

7) Grip Size  

Note: This must take into account the speed, swing style and trajectory of a player's preferences.

Wedge Fittings Include 9 Variables:

1) Head Style

2) Loft

3) Bounce

4) Shaft Flex

5) Shaft Kick Point

6) Shaft Weight

7) Shaft Length

8) Lie Angle

9) Grip size

Note: This must take into account style of a player either a digger or sweeper of the ball.

Putter Fittings Include 5 Variables:

1) Length of Putter

2) Loft of Putter

3) Lie angle of putter

4) Grip Preference

5) Head Style Preference

Note: Must take into account players feel and look preference as well a putting style.

What is FittingWorks?

Titleist FittingWorks is a comprehensive tee-to-green process developed to provide golfers properly fit equipment throughout their entire set of clubs. Fitting a player's driver, long game, irons and wedges. Fitting tools and methods allow each golfer to be prescribed the correct club models and it creates a personalized set of specifications for optimum performance. Being fit into the proper clubs leads to better play and lower scores.

The Fitting Tools:

Launch Monitor technology is a valuable diagnostic tool in fitting primarily for launch and spin.

The Fitting Clubs allow the golfer to test different models and many shaft combinations.

The Sure Fit Iron System offers over 150 possible combinations to optimize performance.

A Lie Board and Impact Tape is the most effective way to determine lie angle's for irons and wedges.

What is the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)?  

As the leader in custom fit golf clubs, Titleist conducts extensive research and testing with both professionals and better amateurs at the Oceanside, California facility at the Titleist Performance Institute.  TPI research concludes that the combination of sound technique, physical conditioning, and properly fit equipment is the best way for a player to get the most out of their game. This research helps shape both the FittingWorks program and new product development.

Paul's Certifications :

Class A PGA Member (A-2)

Certified Advanced Fitter through FittingWorks

Certified Putting Instructor through Frankly Golf

Certified Golf Professional Level 1 and 2 through TPI

Certified Level 2 Bio-Mechanics through TPI

NC-SCPGA Teacher of the Year

NC-SCPGA Board Member

SCPGA (Nom.) Teacher of the Year

Top Instructor at the Golf Development Complex, LLC (ranked in the top 50 stand alone ranges in the United States).