Membership Program Benefits


Paul developed the Membership Program over ten years ago and it has proven to show game improvement over and over as can be seen through the reported Student Success Stories.

After trying several membership variations over the past ten years, the Four Month Membership program was developed. Four months gives you, the student and myself,  the opportunity to work on all parts of the game and establish a very good understanding of the four primary fundamentals and principles of golf. 

Below is a summary of everything that will be addressed in the Four Month Membership Program.

Four Parts of the Game:

1)Putting - short putts and lag putting.

   The goal is become a good putter every day and have those great days.

​    Mechanics, including grip, posture, alignment and ball position.

    Maximizing the size of the hole.

    Speed control.

    Reading greens.

    Probabilities and reality check as to percentages of putts to be holed.

2) Short Game - chipping, pitching and greenside bunkers. 

     The 1st goal is to get the ball on the green and the 2nd is to improve closeness to the hole.

     Mechanics, including grip, posture, alignments and ball position.

     Strategy, Philosophy and your choice of clubs determines your success and the quality of your misses.

3) Wedge Game - This area is a score changer between 5 and 100 yards.

      The first goal is to get the ball on the green no matter what the handicap.

      This part of the game is a strategy choice and you will become good in this range.

4) Full Swing / Ball Striking - Advancing the ball off of the tee, down the fairway, towards the green, within 100 yards.

     The goal is to build and understand your swing.

     Observe your ball flight and correctly diagnose WHY it happened.

     What makes the ball curve and how to make the ball curve on purpose. 

     What causes miss hits, including fat, thin and topped? 

     How to hit the ball low, medium and high.

​     How to play in the wind and make the wind your friend.

     Drills and exercises to become more consistent and gain power through efficiency.

     How to check your own fundamentals and stop guessing.

Other areas we will address are:

    How to train (practice).

    What to practice.

    How to maximize the time that you have available to practice and get the most benefit for game improvement.

    Understanding the effects of wind on your ball flight and how to account for it.

    The four lies: 1) Ball Above, 2) Ball Below, 3) Uphill and 4) Downhill.

    How to play the ball flight and what adjustments need to be made for the lie.

    Fairway Bunkers.

    Specialty shots.


Meeting 3 times per month allows us to address all areas of the game and affords us sufficient time to build both your golf game and your understanding, so that you will have solid principles for the rest of your golf career.

I do not believe in quick fixes or tips. They are like band aids and they will fall off,  it is just a matter of when.

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