Instructional Philosophy

Yes, that’s Paul hitting the ball on The Golf Channel's Big Break IV.

Philosophy: Golf Swings and Golf Games are like Finger Prints.  We all have them and they are unique to each person. Because everyone is built differently in regards to body type, muscle mass, flexibility and physical strength, we need to develop a golf swing and a golf game specifically for you. One that can be repeated, that will lead to lower scores, and create more enjoyable golf.

The Process of Learning: Instruction is not an excessive adding on of information, it is paring down, changing old patterns, and reconnecting. Learning is replacing a less complete, complicated way, with a simpler and more encompassing routine.

We Are Individuals: We are all different and unique! We must understand what are bodies can and cannot do, what works with our specific style, and with the equipment that compliments us.

Mission Statement: To enhance your knowledge, skill and enjoyment in the game of golf through two developmental programs exclusively designed, tested, and taught by Paul Holtby, PGA,

2 Absolutes of Golf: Distance - One: How Far did the golf ball go in the air? Two: Direction - What direction did it go?
When you can answer these two questions and understand the why behind them, you are on your way to becoming a better player and lower scores!

Four Areas of Golf: Putting (short and long putts) = 43% of your score; Short Game: Chipping, Pitching and Bunkers (around the greens) = 15%; Wedge Game Shots (125 yards or less) = 16% of your score; Ball Striking (full swings) = 26% of your score. Do you practice based on these percentages?

Things You Can Control: Yardage calculations (includes five variables), choice of club, choice of target, build your pre-shot routine, understand the four major fundamentals of set-up (address). Now swing the club. This takes less than one second from the time you start the club back to impact, receive feedback from your ball flight by understanding what really happened, not what you think or felt like you did. Your set up dictates how you can or can’t swing the golf club with consistency. Set up properly and understand the cause and effect of your set up and better golf is just around the dogleg! This is where an On Course Lesson becomes priceless!

Purpose of The Tools “the sticks”: Driver originally called the 'Play Club' was designed to get the ball in play. Woods and Long Irons are used to advance the ball down the fairway and to get close to the green. Mid-Irons are used to get the ball on or around the green. Short Irons are used to get the ball on the green or close to the hole. The Putter is used  to roll the ball close to the hole, if not into the bottom of the cup.