Game Improvement Products

Recommended and Sold By Paul Holtby, PGA

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JumboMax Golf Grips: 
The 1st Game Improvement Golf Grip!

  • Increased Club Head Speed = More Yardage
  • Decreased Club Face Rotation = Less Slice and Hook = Straighter and Better Misses

"With JumboMax Grips, you'll achieve more distance and greater accuracy.  JumboMax Grips are a new, USGA conforming, patented golf grip,

designed to fit your hands better and provide superior control while promoting  relaxed grip pressure. The result is a more fluid swing, faster club

head speed, and easier squaring of the clubface  for longer, straighter drives and more accurate shots from tee to green."

Paul has these available to try and he will install them for you personally.

Titleist Certified Advanced Fitter:
Custom Fitted 917 Woods, 716 Irons and Vokey SM6 Wedges; including head style, loft, shaft flex, shaft weight,
shaft kick point, shaft length, lie angle and grip size.

Golf Buddy Voice +:
Over 6,000 golf course GPS giving you yardages to front, middle and back of the green. Can be used as a watch,
clip on hat or put into your pocket.

Exergenie is a portable exercize product that you can take anywhere with you. Invest 5 minutes a
day with a specific set of exercizes and you will be stronger and more flexible. More Distance and Consistency.

Holtby CenterSpot: It reduces the size of any regulation size hole in order to improve your
focus and speed control ... therefore making more putts.

Paul Holtby Centerspot - You Tube Video

Putting Arc:The MSIII model trains you to make the perfect putting stroke providing you with immediate feedback.

It is durable and can be used wherever you go. I have had mine for over ten years.

Full Swing:
Orange Whip: It trains you to have the proper swing plane, balance, rhythm, tempo and release.
The purpose is to help you develop the correct swing and let you know immediately when off.

PSP-Little One: Is a 7 iron with a very small head that trains you to be focused by challenging
you to hit the sweet spot. It can be used for full swings and chipping.

SSRT Radar: This device gives you immediate information on your swing speed and the tempo of your golf swing.
Once you determine your ideal tempo you have a reference point to always go back to.

ES - 12 Radar: This device gives you your landing yardage for all of your clubs by calculating the launch angle and ball speed. Voted best new product of 2012 in the PGA show. This will allow you to dial in your yardages.

All these products are used, endorsed and sold byPaul Holtby, PGA.

"After spending a lot of money, time and evaluation of over 200 different training aids and game

improvement  items I have found that the above products are: valid, valuable and WILL improve your game."

Paul Holtby, PGA